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Whether you drive with an automatic or a manual transmission, it’s important to keep up with its regular service and repair needs. The team at Lexus of Larchmont is here to offer transmission repair for Larchmont, New Rochelle, and Yonkers, NY, drivers like you. So, if you’re sitting down to search for “transmission repair near me,” come see how we can help.

Transmission Problems

Transmission Problems

There are a few signs you can keep an eye out for to alert you to a potential transmission problem. Be on the lookout for transmission fluid leaks. If you find a puddle of red fluid under your vehicle after it’s been parked for a while or notice a burning smell while driving, it’s likely the transmission fluid is leaking and/or low.

You may notice the gear shifts feel different in your car. Your vehicle may struggle to stay in gear or may grind loudly while shifting. The check engine dashboard light may turn on if it detects a problem with the transmission, too.

If you notice any combination of the above symptoms, or if you simply think something isn’t right with your vehicle’s transmission, it’s essential to go to a service center as soon as possible.

Transmission Service Center

Your Local Service Team

Our online scheduling option makes it easy for local drivers to set up their service appointments despite their busy schedules. If you’re at work, dropping off the kids at soccer practice, or enjoying a relaxing day at home, it will only take a few seconds to schedule your service appointment online.

Then, you’ll just need to drop off your vehicle at our dealership. One of our technicians will get under the hood and take a look over your vehicle to determine the cause of the problem. These factory-trained experts know your vehicle inside and out, so they can easily diagnose the cause of any transmission problems.

Our experts will walk you through the problem and the solution to make sure you feel comfortable with the repairs. Then, they’ll get to work on your vehicle, repair the transmission, and get you back on the road in a snap!

Contact Us for Transmission Repair

If you ever find yourself in need of transmission repair near Larchmont, New Rochelle, or Yonkers, New York, remember our name! The team at Lexus of Larchmont is here to take care of you, your vehicle, and your transmission, so you can get back to the things that matter to you.

Visit our service center and get your transmission repaired today, or contact us!


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