The Lexus RX is the picture of versatile luxury. It makes a lovely scene winding through the roads near Larchmont, New Rochelle, and Yonkers. But do the Lexus RX dimensions meet your needs?

In this article, the Lexus of Larchmont team assembles all of the Lexus RX dimension information you might want on one convenient page. We’ll cover the vehicle’s size, interior comfort for you and your passengers, and the ease with which you can stow your gear. Continue reading to see just how spacious this SUV is. Schedule a test drive today.

Lexus RX Dimensions Larchmont NY Passenger Dimensions

Up to five passengers can simultaneously enjoy the ride in the Lexus RX. Many drivers seek the freedom of ample legroom, and this Lexus obliges with 44.1 inches in the front row.

Whether you like room to stretch or prefer a generous dose of personal space, the RX is ready to accommodate. Your personal bubble will be well cared for with over 57 inches of shoulder room and over 56 inches of hip room in both the front and rear rows.

Good headroom is key to making a vehicle feel open and airy. The RX delivers here as well, with over 39 inches of front-row headroom for all passengers when properly equipped. If you want virtually infinite open space overhead, the available power moonroof makes that possible, too!

The sum of these many parts is one roomy cabin. You’ll find 99.8 cubic feet of overall passenger volume in the welcoming interior of the RX.

Lexus RX Dimensions Larchmont NY Cargo Dimensions

When the Lexus RX seats are upright, passengers still have room to vacation with their favorite suitcases, thanks to 16 cubic feet of cargo capacity.

The rear seats fold down to create more room on those days when you’re helping someone move or going all-out on a shopping spree. With the back row neatly minimized, the cargo capacity more than doubles, offering up to 32.6 cubic feet.

Not only does this vehicle offer plentiful room for your items, it also makes it easy to access them. The available Power Rear Door with Kick Sensor lets you open or close the trunk with a well-placed wave of the foot, even if your arms are full.

Lexus RX Dimensions Larchmont NY Exterior Dimensions

From its external appearance, you can tell that the Lexus RX makes efficient use of space. It’s 192.5 inches long, falling into the category of midsize SUV. Not counting the side mirrors, its overall width is 74.6 inches.

This aerodynamic SUV gives drivers a good height from which to view their surroundings. Without the available roof rack, the RX is 67.7 inches tall. You’ll also find that this vehicle easily passes over bumps and loose debris thanks to its height. Its ground clearance is 8.2 inches—plenty to keep you traveling forward smoothly.

Test Drive the Spacious Lexus RX

After completing our calculations, Lexus of Larchmont can confidently say that Lexus RX dimensions truly measure up to our customers’ standards. If this spacious SUV suits your driving needs around Larchmont, New Rochelle, and Yonkers, get in touch with our dealership. We’re ready to schedule your test drive today.

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