Lexus RX 350L Dashboard Lights

Keeping up with regular maintenance is the best way to make sure your vehicle gives you peak performance. Your multi-information display gives you helpful messages about your coolant temperature and miles until your next oil change, but what about when there’s an unexpected service issue?

Lexus of Larchmont put together this useful Lexus RX 350L dashboard light guide to help drivers from Yonkers to New Rochelle know when it’s time for service.

Malfunction IndicatorDashboard Lights | Larchmont, NY

This light is often commonly referred to as the check engine light, because it shows a picture of your engine with the word CHECK below it. You’ll see this appear in yellow, and it can mean that either there’s a problem with the electronic engine control system, the throttle control, or the automatic transmission. While you can still drive safely at a low speed, you should get your vehicle serviced immediately if you see this light.

Tire Pressure Warning

Another yellow light to look out for is your tire pressure warning light. It looks like an exclamation mark that’s underlined and inside a set of parentheses. When this comes on, it likely means that one of your tires is low on air. Check each one, including the spare, for leaks and punctures, then check the air pressure. If none of them are low, it may mean that there’s a malfunction with the system instead.

Electric Power Steering System Warning

This light looks like a steering wheel with an exclamation mark next to it. When you see it pop up in your Lexus RX 350L, you may also notice that you’re having more difficulty steering or that the vehicle is less responsive. That’s because there’s been a malfunction with your power steering system. This light can appear in either yellow or red, depending on the severity. It is not safe to drive with this system malfunctioning.

ABS Warning Light

The letters ABS represent your anti-lock braking system. If this system malfunctions, you’ll see these letters on your dashboard in yellow. Your main brake will still help you stop safely, but you should get this serviced right away.

Brake System Warning

If you see the word BRAKE in red on your dashboard, that’s a more serious brake issue. This means that your main brake system has a problem. It is not safe to continue driving with faulty brakes. As soon as you notice this light, stop the vehicle and call for a tow truck.

Charging System Warning

A light that looks like your car battery indicates that there’s a problem with the charging system. You should stop the car immediately and turn the engine off. Continuing to drive could be dangerous, because a malfunctioning electrical system could cause the vehicle to suddenly shut down.

SRS Warning

This light appears in red and looks like a person sitting down with a circle in front of them. While the logo shows that there’s a problem with your airbag system, this light can also mean that the seatbelt pretensioners have malfunctioned. Have your vehicle serviced right away to make sure both these safety features are working properly to protect you.

Master Warning Light

This light may be accompanied by a buzzer to give you both an audio and visual warning. The dashboard light is yellow and looks like an exclamation mark inside a yellow triangle. Both indicate a system malfunction. Check the message on your multi-information display to see what the specific error message is about.

Lexus Service

If you have any questions about this 2018 Lexus RX 350L dashboard symbols guide, contact us at Lexus of Larchmont. We are proud to help drivers in New Rochelle and Yonkers with all maintenance and service issues. You can also easily schedule service online to quickly get an appointment set up with our team of highly trained technicians.