Is the Lexus NX the Same as the Toyota RAV4?

2021 Lexus NX White Lexus of Larchmont

While the Lexus NX and Toyota RAV4 have plenty of similarities, they are not the same. They’re actually very different vehicles built for different drivers in the Larchmont, New Rochelle, and Yonkers, NY, areas. So, are you a Lexus NX or Toyota RAV4 driver? This comparison from the team at Lexus of Larchmont can help you decide!

Do the Lexus NX and Toyota RAV4 Have the Same Engine?

2021 Lexus NX White Lexus of LarchmontWhile both the Lexus NX and Toyota RAV4 have hybrid options available, their gas-powered engines are actually quite different. The Lexus comes standard with a 2.0L I-4 engine while the Toyota has a 2.5L I-4 engine. As far as how much horsepower these engines produce, we get different results with each vehicle:

  • Lexus NX: 235 horsepower
  • Toyota RAV4: 203 horsepower

One thing that is the same between the Lexus NX and Toyota RAV4 is the drivetrain. Both SUVs come standard with front-wheel drive (FWD). However, if you’re going to be taking on a New York winter, then you may prefer the smart all-wheel drive (AWD) system that’s available with either vehicle. This system actively adapts to your changing roadway conditions to improve traction control and performance.

Interior Features and Specs

2021 Lexus NX Interior Cabin Space Lexus of LarchmontNow, let’s climb inside the cabin of the Lexus NX and Toyota RAV4 to see how similar their interiors are. What we find first is that both SUVs have two rows of seats and can accommodate a maximum of five passengers, including the driver.

They also help everyone get comfortable with available heated and ventilated seats that keep the cabin delightfully climate-controlled, even if the weather outside is frightful. With the Lexus, however, you get a slightly more luxury feel with available leather seats and a standard leather-wrapped steering wheel.

As for technology, both vehicles keep you connected with standard Apple CarPlay® and Android Auto™, as well as standard Bluetooth® wireless connectivity. You can access these features through the touchscreen display in the center stack.

The Lexus NX comes standard with an 8-inch display with a 10.3-inch display available. The standard display in the Toyota RAV4 is a 7-inch display with an 8- or 9-inch display available.

Do the Lexus NX and Toyota RAV4 Have the Same Safety Features?

2021 Lexus NX White Lexus of LarchmontIn general, yes, the Lexus NX and Toyota RAV4 have the same smart safety features. They both come standard with high-tech systems that are designed to improve your awareness of your surroundings when you’re out on the road. Systems that are the same between both the Lexus NX and Toyota RAV4 include:

  • Forward collision warnings with pedestrian detection
  • Lane keeping assist
  • Smart cruise control
  • Automatic high beams

They also both have a blind spot monitoring system that helps you change lanes or merge by alerting you to vehicles in your side blind spots. The Lexus makes this last system standard while the Toyota only makes it available with an upgrade.


Are You a Lexus NX or Toyota RAV4 Driver?

Now that you know how the Lexus NX is the same as the Toyota RAV4, and how it’s different, which one will you drive through Yonkers, Larchmont, and New Rochelle, NY? If you like the Lexus, contact the team at Lexus of Larchmont and we’ll put you behind the wheel.

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