Lexus ES 350 Dashboard Lights

The elegant and well-crafted Lexus ES 350 provides drivers in Larchmont, New Rochelle, and Yonkers with a car that’s ready for any road ahead. While driving, it’s possible that a symbol may light up in your dashboard. This could be something as simple as the high beam indicator or a turn signal, but there are many dashboard symbols that should be paid close attention to when they turn on.

Lexus of Larchmont has put together this guide to the important ES 350 dashboard lights. Know what your car is trying to tell you!  Then schedule a service appointment with us.

Check Engine Light

The check engine light can be trying to tell you a few things when it comes to the Lexus ES 350. Realistically, the check engine light could be one of many issues, such as a catalytic converter that needs to be replaced. It could also be something as simple as a loose gas cap.

But certainly, you don’t want to ignore this light. If the light is flashing, it could be the sign of a serious engine issue. If the light is steady and remains on even after the car is moving, bring it to our Lexus service center as soon as possible.Dashboard Lights | Larchmont, NY

ABS Warning Light

First things first: It’s safe to drive with your ABS warning light on. It’s just trying to tell you about an anti-lock brake system issue. The brakes are still safe to use, but you’ll want to consider pressing them earlier to react to traffic or a stop light.

If other brake dashboard lights turn on in conjunction with the ABS light, pull over as soon as possible and shut the car off.

Coolant Light

The coolant light will turn on for a second or two when starting the ES 350, but it should turn off shortly after that. If the light comes on at any point in the drive, it’s best to pull over in a safe spot and turn the car off. Let it cool down, then check the coolant levels as described in the owner’s manual.

If the coolant level is normal and the light is still on, there may be a leak, or something wrong with the warning system.

Brake Light

This light, which essentially is an exclamation point in a circle (it’s hard to miss!), has a couple of purposes. The first is to let you know that the emergency brake is activated. Of course, always check to see if the emergency brake is activated when you see this light turn on.

It may also turn on when the braking system itself is malfunctioning. Bring the Lexus ES 350 to a stop as soon as possible and call our technicians for assistance.

Call Our Lexus Service Technicians

Our service technicians can answer any questions you may have about the dashboard symbols in the Lexus ES 350. Should service be necessary, we’ll work efficiently to get your vehicle back to the roads of Larchmont, New Rochelle, and Yonkers.

We’re here to make sure your Lexus is always running smoothly.