Is Lexus Maintenance Expensive?

Is Lexus Maintenance Expensive?

There’s a special feeling about driving a Lexus. First off, their cabins are designed to maximize your comfort, which provides you with a premium first-class driving experience each time you hop in. They also provide a jolt of excitement and energy into each drive around Larchmont, New Rochelle, and Yonkers, New York.

To keep your Lexus in premium shape, will you need to spend premium dollar to do so? According to, Lexus ranks among the least expensive car brands to own based on total maintenance cost over 10 years. That’s even more impressive when considering where other top luxury brands rank.

At Lexus of Larchmont, we’re here to explain how Lexus vehicles are much more than just a dream car, but a practical investment as well! Schedule a service appointment today.

Lexus Maintenance

Lexus MaintenanceWhen you get your Lexus, we’ll make it simple for you to get all the services your vehicle will need to keep it in excellent condition. Our Lexus certified technicians will be able to replace any fluids or parts that need to be changed. They’ll use only genuine Lexus parts, which means they’ll last for a long time and limit maintenance costs since you won’t need to have them replaced again for many miles.

Speaking of costs, the first and second scheduled maintenance your new Lexus will need will be at no additional cost to you! Each new Lexus that drivers get from our dealership comes with complimentary maintenance service for those first two visits.

That means after the first six months you can have the tires rotated, fluids and brakes inspected, and other maintenance checks done. Then after the first year of ownership, our technicians will be able to replace the engine oil, rotate the tires again, and inspect various parts also at no added cost.

Helping with DIY Maintenance

You can also keep Lexus maintenance costs down even more by performing various tasks yourself. Simple tasks like changing your windshield wipers, replacing the engine oil, and checking tire tread are some of the maintenance tasks you might be comfortable doing yourself at home.

Plus, to make it even easier for you to get all these things done yourself, we have all the necessary parts you’ll need for your Lexus. You can order directly from us whatever parts or fluids you need. Our team of experts can also help make sure whatever parts you need are the right ones for your specific Lexus model.

Extremely Dependable Vehicles

Lexus DealsLexus vehicles are known for their reliability along with their luxury designs. Year after year, Lexus is consistently ranked near the top of the most reliable car brands. That means drivers don’t experience many unexpected issues with their Lexus vehicles that require extra maintenance and services.

It also means that these models are designed to last for many miles. When drivers of other car brands need to start looking for their next car, Lexus owners continue to enjoy comfortable, smooth, and dependable performance in their Lexus for many more miles. That means long after you’re done paying back your auto loan, you’ll get to enjoy driving your Lexus for years while also saving more in the long run.




Come Find Your New Lexus Today

As you can see, getting a new Lexus from us here at Lexus of Larchmont is a sound investment both in the short and long term!

If you’ve been dreaming of driving one of these luxury models around Larchmont, New Rochelle, and Yonkers, NY, stop by our dealership today and check out our inventory. You can also contact us now and schedule a test drive in whichever Lexus sedan or SUV model you have your eyes on!