Lexus Dashboard Light Guides

We’ve all been there. You’re out for a drive, your car seems fine, and then a light shows up on your dashboard. What does it mean? Should you pull over and stop?

At Lexus of Larchmont, we wanted to help drivers from Yonkers to New Rochelle understand what each one of those lights could mean. That’s why we put together these Lexus dashboard light guides.  Schedule a service appointment to have your dashboard light addressed today.  Think it may be time for a new car?  Shop the Lexus NX300, Lexus RX350, or the Lexus ES350.

Lexus LS 500 Dashboard Light Guide

Lexus LX 570 Dashboard Light Guide

Lexus RX 350 Dashboard Light Guide

Lexus RX 350L Dashboard Light Guide

Lexus RX 450H Dashboard Light Guide

What’s A Dashboard Light Guide?

Whether you drive a sedan, coupe, or an SUV, your dashboard hosts a series of lights. You’ll usually see them turn on for a few seconds after you first start the engine to show you your systems are working. Sometimes, one of these lights will remain on or pop up during your drive. Our dashboard light guides review what each one of these means for you and your vehicle.

Why Feature Dashboard Light Guides

Helping you stay safe and informed is important to us. By putting these guides together and making them readily available, you can easily figure out what each light signals, what your vehicle is trying to tell you, and what action you should take.

What They Cover

Dashboard lights can show up in different ways. We’ll explore all the varieties they appear in and discuss the meanings behind these icons that illuminate by your gauges. Our guides will dive in and explain important areas, such as:

  • Malfunction Lights
  • System Activated Lights
  • Red Warning Lights
  • Yellow Indicator Lights
  • Flashing vs. Solid Lights

In addition to going over what each light represents, we’ll also explore what you should do when you see each one and when you’ll need service.

How They Can Help You

By giving you a guide to your dashboard that’s both detailed and understandable, we’ve made it easier to decipher these messages that your car is sending you. We explore some of the most common service and maintenance lights, so that you’ll know right away when to get an issue taken care of.

Let Us Be Your Guide

At Lexus of Larchmont, our goal is to help drivers from Yonkers to New Rochelle keep their vehicle in great condition. Feel free to browse our selection of Lexus dashboard light guides, ask us what to put in your winter emergency car kit, then stop by and see us for all your service and maintenance needs.