Community Spotlight: Fantasy Flash Studios

Wedding Photographer

There is a popular notion that some primitive cultures believe that taking someone’s photograph captures that person’s soul. However, when Fantasy Flash talks about photography, it is really talking about capturing the spirit of an event and transforming that into memories.

At Fantasy Flash, their first and only job is creating and preserving memories of the most important times of your life — preserving them so they live long into the future.

What Makes Fantasy Flash Unique?

Fantasy Flash is more than a photography studio or photographers who travel out to your wedding site to shoot photos. Fantasy Flash has a team of photographers and cinematographers who seek to capture your once-in-a-lifetime event in a creative and artful way. Fantasy Flash describes its photographers as photojournalists — ones who are telling the story of your wedding day.

They are also described as having a style that is influenced by both fashion and the fine arts. Their photographers also shoot between 25 and 50 weddings per year.

WeddingThe Setting

Whether it is using a natural setting to capture the spirit of your wedding in the most beautiful way possible, or setting your wedding scenes in historic or contemporary surroundings, in a barn or an industrial setting, Fantasy Flash has the ability to travel in the tri-state area and beyond to capture your meaningful moments.

Fantasy Flash photographers have a keen sense of using natural light and shadows, including the use of silhouette images, to create a mood, or place in the midst of a beautiful seascape, a mountain range, or even the seasons.

Telling the Whole Story

Fantasy Flash will tell the entire story of your wedding, from the engagement, through the preparation for the event, to the ceremony and reception. Fantasy Flash prides itself on capturing in beautiful images the memories you would like to carry away from your event.

The Venue

Wedding Pictures

Fantasy Flash can show you what images will look like when taken from a wide selection of beautiful venues, from Briarcliff Manor to Whitby Castle. You will be able to view these amazing settings and perhaps choose one of them for the place where you want to record your special event.


There is no reason to confine your memories to still photography. Fantasy Flash has the cinematographers who can record and artfully create a video memory, set to music, of everything related to your wedding — all the preparation, the dignity, the humor, the tears, and the beauty of this special day — images you will be proud to see again, and again.

The Fantasy Flash Story

Located in Briarcliff Manor, in Westchester County, NY, the Fantasy Flash team represents decades of experience and professional photographers and cinematographers who represent a broad range of styles. They will travel to provide wedding photography and cinematography in the metropolitan New York area, to Connecticut, New Jersey, all the way down to wedding destinations in Florida. They are always looking for new locations and venues to record your memories.

Fantasy Flash is located at 78 N. State Rd, Briarcliff Manor, NY 10510. Call 914-328-0001 for information or to schedule an event. See them on social media on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, or LinkedIn.