What Does BLD Diner Stand For?

BLD Diner

Do you know what BLD stands for in BLD Diner? We sent our crack investigators to uncover the mystery, and they ended up staying all day for breakfast, lunch, and dinner to find out. And that’s just what BLD translates into—each delicious meal you can eat at this Larchmont neighborhood diner.

Our Study Begins

When our investigators first stepped into the diner, they encountered a hospitable setting that gleamed with cleanliness. The small diner bustles with busy waitstaff and happy, yet hungry patrons. It appeared lively and smelled like home. They couldn’t wait to order their first meal to see if their suspicions were true.

B Stands for Breakfast

BLD Diner Breakfast

As the crew sat for breakfast, among a crowd of guests, their stomachs grumbled due to the delightful aroma of fresh coffee and anticipation of delicious food. They ordered orange juice to start, which perked them up and readied them for their first bite.

After the researchers perused the menu, they ordered the French Toast and the Eggs Benedict. Through their sources, diners cited these two classic dishes as favorites. They spied other popular dishes, including the Ultimate Stuffed French Toast, Chicken and Waffles, and the Crab Cakes Benedict on surrounding tables and hefted by wait staff. One diner even enhanced their standard French Toast with creamy Nutella and bananas.

Our team left the premises briefly before returning for the next meal, namely lunch.

L Stands for Lunch

BLD Diner Lunch

At twelve noon on the dot, our investigators returned to the scene for their next analysis of BLD’s menu. They searched through the menu and found so many salads that it was hard to choose, but they stuck with the favored Turkey Cobb Salad, which contained diced turkey, gorgonzola, and plenty of sliced avocado. Crisp, savory, and scattered with real bacon, too.

Another representative of our team ordered the California Burger that came off the grill perfectly cooked on a golden brioche bun. Carefully placed beside it, they noticed waffle fries, a pickle, and a healthy portion of coleslaw. So far, lunch passed the test.

They exited the building with plans to return at the dinner hour.

D Stands for Dinner

BLD Diner Dinner

Would our crew of crack investigators find dinner up to the standards upheld during every other meal? Only ordering entrees could help them to ensure how good they believed BLD could be. Thrown for a loop, the diner surprised our crew when a member of the staff explained that yes, they could order breakfast for dinner or at any time they wanted!

But our team stuck to a few staples like the Marinated Grilled Chicken, which delivered a light lemon taste with every bite. A few who wanted to try out another salad opted for the Mediterranean Chopped Salad. You could even order a 16 oz. New York Sirloin! And the Penne Ala Vodka piqued the interest of our bacon aficionados on the team—satisfying and on point.

BLD Diner Stands for Good Taste Every Time

If you’re anything like our team of investigators, you will discover that the BLD in the BLD Diner stands for breakfast, lunch, and dinner as well as good taste every time. See for yourself what’s on the menu by visiting their Facebook page today!